Targeting terraces in Palma

Flickr by Fabian Walden

PALMA Council has increased the number of inspections performed on bar terraces in tourist areas to guarantee they comply with regulations.

Bar owners are obliged to pay their public space occupation fees beforehand and not surpass the metres they are booked, as inspectors are watching the areas for possible infractions.

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The measure has been implemented following complaints from neighbours associations and opposing parties, who claim that the terraces occupy an excessive amount of the public streets and do not allow for adequate pedestrian circulation.

Councillor for Public Policies, Irene San Gil, explained that the fines for violating said regulations range between €150 and €3,000.

During the following days, public staff will paint marks on the ground to indicate the terrace limits, so that inspectors and citizens can see for themselves whether an infraction is taking place.


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