Spectacular launch for magical marine event


CHAINED, put in a sack and dropped into a 250,000-litre tank full of sharks, Luis Olmedo launched The Magic of The Sea at Sea Life Benalmadena.

The popular, award-winning magician and escape artist managed to free himself, swim through the sharks to safety and guess a card a spectator had drawn, all in just 90 seconds.

Joined by magicians Sarapin and Ernesto y Pico, Olmedo will be surprising visitors with magic tricks and shows at the event until this Sunday, April 12.


Illusions and fantasies combine with predictions, card tricks, levitation and much more in surroundings filled with sharks, giant crabs, sea horses and other marine creatures in an event planned to surprise visitors of all ages, while educating on the marine world and the importance of taking care of it.


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