Spare us a grinning Miliband…

ED MILIBAND: Hopefully won’t be grinning from Number 10.

IN the name of sanity please, PLEASE don’t let the first picture we see after the next election depict Miliband, Balls, and that bird from the SNP, grinning us all into oblivion from the steps of Number 10.

I find it almost impossible to believe that the Labour party is still in business, let alone running neck and neck with the Conservatives. Somehow, out of the ashes of a party, which after its last term of office, left millions unemployed, took us into a disastrous war on a tide of lies. Filled the country with immigrants.

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Paid millions of layabouts billions in welfare handouts, sold all our gold for a pittance and left the country hovering on the brink of bankruptcy; is actually in close combat, with a party which gathered up the scattered pieces and over the next five years put two million people into employment, established zero inflation, made Britain the envy of Europe and turned it into one of the most successful economies in the world.

I mean it simply doesn’t make sense. OK, there are of course dissenters, who gripe that the ‘improvements’ have yet to find their way into their pockets, but for heaven’s sake give it a chance. The British economy is growing stronger by the day and sooner, rather than later, everyone will be feeling the benefits.

Also, what must not be forgotten is that should the vote go against the Conservatives, there will be no referendum on Europe. At least Cameron is not insulting everyone’s intelligence and refusing to even listen to the sceptics.

So if, heaven forbid, a Labour coalition were to find themselves in power, you can expect a whole deluge of unchecked and unmanageable immigrants, you can get used to Brussels actually being inside the gate to Britain’s backyard and be prepared to rely on a simpering, hypocritical left-wing representative, unwilling or simply unable, to negotiate the British rights of just about anything.

Make no mistake, Labour has consistently been elected on the back of other people’s money; income usually earned by capitalist predecessors. They then pass this ideology onto their subjects, multitudes of whom also revel in living off unearned incomes. Because they don’t have the capabilities of actually earning themselves, they then endeavour to buy popularity by throwing the contents of the coffers at the public, waste the hard-earned money of their predecessors in ill-fated schemes.

Borrow even more to stay solvent and sooner or later, once again bankrupt the country. And so the vicious circle continues. Well now is the chance to break it. Vote for Cameron.

He may not be perfect, but at least he’s not a leftie hypocrite. Frankly any other result than a Conservative win doesn’t bear thinking about.

Keep the faith

Love Leapy


  1. Right on Leapy! Anyone who votes Labour at this next election will be signing the death warrant of this once great nation.
    I just cannot comprehend the mentality of those who would still vote Labour after all the damage they did last time.
    Anyone would be better than Labour – Anyone!

  2. Well done for you comments in this week’s EWN regarding Miliband (who always seems to be chewing his teeth)…..more power to your elbow (or pen). Let’s hope people take note.

  3. I couldnt have said it better myself, every word was having me nod my head in agreement. I want to send it to as many of my friends in the UK as possible, although possibly they are like-minded in your opinions. However if they want a little reinforcing your succinct remarks are fabulous. Welll done Leapy. I have yet to disagree with any of your articles and having lived in the Gulf for 22 years because of my husband’s job I know how accurate your comments on that area can be, although we were fortunate to only spend 8 years in Kuwait but 14 wonderful years in Abu Dhabi!

    Keep the faith, as you say. And I am keeping my fingers crossed that the citizens of the UK keep their faith in what a good job the Conservatives are doing.

  4. Summed up what millions of us really think, well said. Trouble with the masses, they forget what a mess the last Labour government left us in. Okay the mop-up is taking time but it’ll worth it in the end, I just wish people weren’t so short sighted. Respect Leapy, you’re the man!

  5. Agree completely with your comments in EWN this week. The labour party denied me my rights to vote in UK elections as my husband and I have been living in Spain for more than 15 years. Lets just hope Miliband and the SNP bird are unable to form a government in any form.

  6. Dear Leapy,

    Lovely column as usual but I don’t think it matters who is elected, the country will still be completely controlled by the Racial Discrimination Board and the Heath and Safety, I consider that Britain is now a Police State similar to Germany in the mid-thirties, the main principle of democracy is Free Speech and that no longer exists in Britain.

    Cheers, keep up the good work.

  7. Dear Leapy Lee
    I love your column in the EWN.
    Everything you say makes sense.
    I agree with all of your comments and so do all the other ex pats I know.
    I wish you could run for Prime Minister.
    Please God, dont let Milliband in.

  8. Dear Leapy,

    Thank you! (EuroWeekly 9-15).

    It’s a breath of fresh air to read what so many of us think but which never gets reported in the media. I couldn’t have expressed it better, except if space had been available might have made passing reference to the other grinning buffoon in the double act, the ever lovable Ed Balls.

    Most of us have some sympathy for genuine benefit claimants (my PC dues hereby paid), but benefits as a lifestyle choice? Peter Rolfe (26 kids, never worked, recent £1k bonus) and his ilk should be dumped in the North Sea or (if one were feeling more generous), relocation to a cosy Siberian Gulag would probably do the trick. And Miliband (hopefully unemployed by then) could be shipped off to run it. Everyone a winner!

    I think the UK is rapidly becoming a lost cause but please keep trying!


  9. In response to your column Euro Weekly news, do you have any idea what you are talking about? Do you really think every expat or Spanish property owner is a Tory? As a Firefighter working in the public service I can see first hand what a Tory government is doing to the UK. We are headed for a private health service, Police service and Fire service thanks to this Government. Would you please do some research into what David Cameron and his bunch of millionaires have done to the Public services and the working people if the UK before writing a silly little column about the Labour party.

    Jason Alden

  10. Get in there Roy, Kitty for PM!
    I cannot comprehend the mentality of anyone who still thinks that “party politics” actually makes a difference.

    Brainwashed morons. It’s a diversion for you old “numskulls”! He!

    Have you noticed that Graham doesn’t have any negative comments published . He’s perfect, he says what everyone thinks.
    Get Kitty into number 10 and Leppy(sic) could be his Mandelson, grooming (Hmmm) the public.

  11. Nice comment. Go a little deeper and you’ll see that “Britain is now a Police State similar to Germany in the mid-thirties” because the same LIARS are running the show.

  12. Millions, Steph? With delusions like that YOU should run for parliament, you know, with you representing millions?

    “I just wish people weren’t so short sighted”, you said it, Steph, you said it. Put your reality glasses on.
    “Trouble with the masses…..” I can spot you in the crowd…”Oi! Steph, wake up!”

  13. Read your column last week and was immediately irritated before I got past the first Paragraph..
    yeah sure Milliband is an arse.. granted.. but what gives YOU the right to call Nicola Sturgeon “That bird from the SNP” it is disrespectful and i wouldn’t be surprised if you couldn’t even remember her name.. I recon the UK needs a major shake up and someone like her from Scotland (you know that outpost in the north) would actually be more impartial – Britain might actually be great again.. I had to look you up as I had no idea who you were and why your opinions mattered, then I found out you were a pop ‘star’ in the 60’s .. well there you go now I know.. Stick to singing and living off the memories-‘cos politics ain’t your thing.


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