More routes take off from El Alquian


ALMERIA will be better connected to the rest of the world this summer leading to hopes for a continuing boost to the tourist trade.

Between now and the last weekend in October, scheduled flights and charters will link Almeria to 29 European destinations including the UK, Ireland, Holland, France, Scandinavia and Germany. It is no coincidence that these are the countries viewed as the most important from a tourism point of view.

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Airports’ operator AENA highlighted the increase in international carriers using El Alquian Airport. In just four years Almeria has progressed from connections with just seven countries to the present 20, an AENA spokesman said.

“There has been a tremendous improvement in international connections but that doesn’t mean we can stop working,” said Javier Aureliano Garcia, Vice-president of Almeria’s provincial government.

“We went to the last ITB trade fair in Berlin with an intense work schedule, determined to connect Almeria and Germany,” Garcia said.

Neither will the important internal market be neglected. As well as the existing routes to Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla and Melilla, a schedule of flights to Valencia, Bilbao, Santander, Santiago de Compostela and Zaragoza will be added during the summer months.


  1. Would be interested to see this carried out. No flights to Ireland from October 24 onwards. Usually flights Dont finish until last day of October or November 01.

  2. It would be nice to have flights from either Birmingham or East Midlands to Almeria. Does anyone know why there aren’t any?Having to travel to Stansted from Birmingham.


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