PM Rajoy confirms he will stand for re-election

Flickr by La Moncloa Gobierno de España

SPAIN’S Prime Minister and leader of the Popular Party (PP) Mariano Rajoy said on Monday that he would stand again for election in this year’s national polls.

Spain’s recovery from the economic recession that has blighted much of Europe seems to be gaining momentum, but Rajoy’s popularity and that of the PP has taken some knocks.

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In the important regional elections in Andalucía last month Rajoy’s party was severely defeated, taking only 26.7 per cent of the vote, in comparison to 40 per cent in the previous Andalucía election in 2012.

The election was widely seen as forecast of what could happen in the national elections. Rajoy’s lack of popularity has been attributed to his austerity measures, which have been considered harsh and out of touch with the majority of Spanish citizens.

Spain still has one of the highest unemployment rates in western Europe, but Rajoy insists that his policies are working, with recent unemployment figures released also showing more Spaniards in work compared to the previous year.


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