Palma police complain volunteers take on too much

Flickr by AlvaroBA

LOCAL POLICE officers in Palma have complained that members of the local voluntary force Civil Protection are encroaching on their job.

Several police officers, supported by trade union SPPME released a statement which read: “Under no circumstances do we want to dismiss the great job that Civil Protection volunteers are carrying out in an altruistic manner. However, we cannot allow them to take on responsibilities that belong exclusively to police officers.”

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Those making complaints have claimed that some young volunteers have been carrying out activities that have traditionally been conducted by officers, such as directing and stopping traffic and placing police fences.

The SSPME trade union believe that the Local Police officer in charge of the Civil Protection volunteers is benefiting from the Civil Protection unit as he earns a bonus of €7,401 annually for coordinating its services.

Officers have requested Palma Council temporarily suspend his functions as coordinator.


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