Missing Dutch tourists found safe in Amsterdam


TWO Dutch tourists who had been officially reported missing in southern Spain, where they disappeared on April 1, have been found safe in Holland.

Joyce Van Iperen and her friend Stephan Mulder had been on a short holiday in Spain and were last seen in Algeciras having lunch at around 2.30 in the afternoon.

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They last sent a mobile message at 1.54pm and since then both Stephen and Joyce had been out of contact, something that Joyce’s sister, Ruth Wever, said in a statement was highly unusual, and left the pair’s families very concerned. According to Ruth, Joyce’s ex-boyfriend, Patrick Klink had also been looking for Joyce and Stephan, and had contacted police in Malaga.

Ruth contacted Euro Weekly today at 12.30pm to say that the friends had been assaulted and robbed in Algeciras but had managed to return to Amsterdam and were safe and sound, if a little shaken by the experience.


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