Malaga Local Police quick to react to possible bridge jump


TWO local policemen are being hailed as quick thinking heroes in Malaga after saving the life of someone who was attempting to jump from a motorway bridge.

The incident occurred last week, when the two plain clothed officers were travelling across the bridge, and spotted a man perched on the edge looking down at the motorway some 25 meters below.

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The two quick thinking policemen discreetly did a U-turn. One of them left the vehicle, and as the other policeman approached in the car, the officer on foot circled around to the man’s blind-side. At that point the other policeman got out of the car and started talking to the potential suicide from a distance.

It was obvious to the hiding officer that his colleague’s words were falling on deaf ears, and he slowly made his way closer. But it wasn’t until the man, who was highly agitated and whose legs were trembling, let go of the handrail and fixed his gaze on the motorway below, that the policeman pounced and grabbed him.

The man was brought to safety and allowed to calm down before being taken for interview by uniformed officers, who had themselves been keeping a distance during the incident.


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