Don’t miss ze flashing knobs of an old favourite at Salon Varietes


DON’T miss (well, you can’t miss!) Yvette, Rene and Mimi! They’ll be in ‘Allo, ‘Allo! at the Salon Varietes, Fuengirola, from April 10-15.

This is a comedy based on the famous BBC sitcom of the same name set in Rene’s cafe in Occupied France during World War II. Rene has to deal with – in no particular order – the German Army, the Gestapo, two amorous waitresses (and therefore Rene’s wife), the Resistance, a cockatoo seller and… Adolf Hitler in various shapes and sizes!

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Sausages, cockatoos, a painting of a top-heavy Madonna, banging upstairs, inflating a rubber Hitler… yes, all your favourite innuendoes are served up chez Rene.

‘Allo, ‘Allo! is on 10-15 April. C’est beaucoup de laughs!


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