Update: Kenyan official’s son named as one of university gunmen

Flickr by Dan Kori

AN OFFICIAL’S son was amongst one of the terrorists who stormed a university in north-eastern Kenya where almost 150 students were killed last week.

The attack, in which four armed gunmen from the radical terrorist organisation Al-Shabaab, stormed a university in the town of Garissa, has left much of Kenya in shock. Three official days of mourning were declared for victims of the terrorist group, which is linked to ISIS.

The interior ministry has revealed the name of one the gunman, Abdirahim Abdullahi, and confirmed he is the son of a government official, chief of the town of Mandera. The son had studied at Kenya’s best law school, and was a student who had received excellent grades and been awarded his degree at Nairobi University.


All the attackers were killed, including Abdirahim Abdullahi, by armed police in the ensuing gun battle when security forces re-took the university where hostages had been held.

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