Update: Claims made that mother behind deaths of family in Gibraltar

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POLICE believe a British father, found stabbed to death in Gibraltar alongside his baby daughter, was killed by the little girl’s mother, according to unconfirmed reports in British newspapers.

Mr Shannon’s partner was reportedly suffering from post-natal depression. Anarda De La Caridad Perez Friman, 37, is believed to have killed him, their six-week-old daughter Eve Shannon Perez, and her four-year-old daughter Amanda Kristoffersen Perez, before killing herself.

It is also believed Mr Shannon had suffered defensive wounds which suggested that he had been trying to protect the children before being killed.


The family had been reportedly living in Malaga, Spain, and had gone to Gibraltar for a short break, before a planned trip to England.

Acting superintendent Wayne Tunbridge, who is leading the investigation in Gibraltar, said: “We are not looking for anyone outside of the family at this stage, but we have numerous lines of enquiry. We are in communication with the family members of the four deceased who now must come to Gibraltar before we release any details about the individuals.”

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