Spanish Employment Ministry reports best March since 2002


THE latest figures on unemployment in Spain gave some hope, revealing that 60,214 jobless people found work in March.

The Ministry of Employment has released its report for last month, which ended with a total of 4,451,939 registered as unemployed.

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The ministry reported that the drop was the biggest for the month of March since 2002, and that over the last 12 months the overall figure for people registered unemployed in the country fell by 343,927.

March was the second month in a row that saw unemployment fall, as 13,500 fewer jobless people were registered at the end of February.

Meanwhile the number of people paying into the social security system rose by 160,579 last month, reaching a total of more than 16.8 million.

The sectors that saw the highest numbers of people find work during the month were agriculture with 4,061, and construction with 8,847.

Meanwhile the situation remains complicated for women and the younger section of the population, with a registered increase in unemployment of 3,032 for under 25s.


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