Malaga medics develop new hip repair technique


A NEW system developed at the University of Malaga is providing hopeful results in pelvic injuries at the Clinico Universitario hospital in Malaga City.

A team of doctors, under the orders of specialist traumatologist Alfonso Queipo de Llano, has used the new system, which involves attaching pre-tensed carbon fibre bars to fractures, successfully in 10 cases so far. The team stresses that it gives better stability, less bleeding and easier recovery after falls and traffic accidents.

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A study on the results of the system has just been awarded a prize as the best oral report at the latest Andalucian Traumatology and Orthopaedic Society conference held in Malaga, and the conclusions are also to be presented at the next international traumatologists’ meeting (AO Trustee Meeting) in Thailand in June.


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