TV History with no clear winner


THE big TV debate of Britain’s national election campaign, yielded no clear winner with four opinion polls producing four different winners, but David Cameron’s attempt to appear the most statesman-like appeared to have paid off.

The event, on Thursday night, was staged just six weeks before the national election on May 7, as polls suggest Cameron’s Conservatives and Ed Miliband’s opposition Labour Party are neck-and-neck with neither on track to win a majority.

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The results of four snap opinion polls released immediately afterwards highlighted why the election that will decide who governs Britain, is being widely described as the closest and most unpredictable since the 1970s with voters naming no less than four winners.

One poll said Scottish nationalist leader Nicola Sturgeon had won, another said Labour’s Miliband had narrowly triumphed, a third said Cameron, Miliband and UK Independence Party leader (UKIP) Nigel Farage had come joint first, while a fourth said Cameron and Miliband had both won.

“There was clearly no knock-out blow,” said Peter Kellner of pollster YouGov.


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