Madrid police make ‘kissing mugger’ arrest


POLICE in Madrid have arrested a woman they suspect of being a creative mugger who stole mobile phones, jewellery and cash from youngsters while threatening them with a knife and then kissed them goodbye.

The police force declared that the 23-year-old woman was accused of at least five thefts and illegal detention as she held her victims for up to an hour while relieving them of all items of value they were carrying.

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The woman reportedly followed the same modus operandi for each crime, starting up a conversation with her young victims before taking them to a park or an alleyway out of sight of possible witnesses, then showed them a knife and discretely demanded their belongings.

Once she had relieved them of their valuables, the Spanish woman allegedly accompanied her victims to a nearby train station and kissed them on both cheeks to give the appearance of two acquaintances saying goodbye.


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