Foreign residents in Nerja urged to confirm electoral status

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FOREIGN residents in Nerja who wish to vote in the coming local elections on May 24 can confirm their data and status at the Foreigners’ Department.

Between April 6 and 13, foreigners are urged to attend the office on the town hall’s ground floor to make any modifications in case of a possible error.

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It is necessary to take a Residency or NIE certificate or card, passport or DNI (Spanish Identification Card), and the office is open between 8am and 1.30pm.

This procedure can also be carried out via email at, including the person’s name and NIE number.

A reply will be sent within a few days after a member of staff has checked that the resident is on the voting list.

The following are allowed to vote in the next local elections:

– Citizens from the European Union.

– Norwegians who have had a residency card for more than three years.

– Citizens from the following countries who have had a residency card for more than five years: Bolivia, Cape Verde, Chile, Colombia, Korea, Ecuador, Iceland, New Zealand, Paraguay, Peru and Trinidad-Tobago.

Anyone who registered on the Padron (census) after December 302014 will not be allowed to vote.


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