Update: Mother remanded, accused of trying to send teenage sons to ISIS


A MOTHER of a family of four, accused of trying to send her two sixteen-year-old twins to fight in Syria, has been remanded in custody without bail.

After a police raid in Badalona, near Barcelona on Tuesday morning, she is facing charges of collaborating with a terrorist organisation. She is believed to have been purposefully radicalising the twins, who had dropped out of school. She is suspected of preparing to send the twins to Syria, via Morocco and Turkey, to fight for a jihadist organisation.

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The father has been released, although his passport has been retained to stop him leaving the country. The two boys are to appear before a court for minors and it will be decided whether they will be sent to a young offenders institution.

A third brother was apparently killed in 2014 while fighting with a jihadist group in Syria, known as the Islamic Movement of the Levant.


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