Tourist spending on the up


TOURISTS in the Balearic Islands are starting to splash out. A new report reveals that visitors from abroad spent 13.4 per cent more in the islands in January and February than they did in the first two months of 2014.

The Egatur tourist spending survey by a Ministry of Tourism department found that 3.3 per cent of international tourists visiting Spain came to the islands, and spent an average of €931 each, contributing €214 million to the area.

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Tourists from the UK were found to have increased their spending during trips to Spain by 10.6 per cent, providing an overall total of €1,109 million nationwide.

Next on the list came visitors from Germany, who spent a total of €911 million during the first two months of this year, and forked out six of every 10 euros spent in the Balearic Islands.

Third place for international spending in Spain went to Scandinavian visitors, who spent €846 million in the country, while visitors from France spent €641 million.


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