Almeria legion steps in to help Oscar

Flickr by Contando Estelas

FOUR HUNDRED legionnaires from the Viator base have volunteered to become bone marrow donors.

A mobile unit from the Almeria Transfusions Centre went out to the Alvarez de Sotomayor to take blood samples. These will be sent to the international register of potential donors this consulted each time a bone-marrow transplant is needed.

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The volunteers were responding to a call for help for Oscar, a 12-year-old from Barcelona who is suffering from lymphoma and urgently needs a bone-marrow transplant. 

He is also the nephew of Luis Fernandez Dominguez, a soldier at the Viator base: “I won’t stop looking for a compatible donor,” he declared.

“Now there are more possibilities of a cure, not only for Oscar, but for anyone needing a transplant.”

The number of potential donors exceeded expectations said Arif Laarej, the haematologist who heads Almeria’s Centro de Transfusion. They obtained as many donors in four-and-a-half hours at the base as Almeria does in a year, Laarej commented.


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