Two found dogs, looking for lost owners


RESIDENTS of Estepona Port are appealing for somebody to come forward with information about the owners of two beautiful dogs that were found in the area.

“Somebody must know where their owners are, they must be worried about losing these two wonderfully behaved animals,” said Carol from Estepona, who found the dogs. “They appear to be full-bred Dandie Dinmont Terriers. Someone must be looking for them!”

The Dandie Dinmont is a small, Scottish breed of dog in the terrier family. The breed has a very long body, short legs, and a distinctive ‘top-knot’ of hair on the head.

They are being temporarily cared for at the moment by Michael at the Limonero Bar and Restaurant in Estepona Port. If you know these dogs or have any information as to who owns them, please call him.

The offer of a free turkey Easter dinner from Michael awaits anyone who can offer information leading to these dogs being returned to their home.

Phone 622 665 835 or 652 735 555

Or see


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