Suspected attacker arrested in Motril


A MAN was arrested for allegedly hitting his wife in the area of Los Alamos, Motril.

“The victim’s daughter, a minor, was the one who alerted the emergency number 092 to say that her mother was being attacked by her father,” explained Manuel Ballesteros, Safety councillor.

Local Police in Motril immediately attended the crime scene. When they arrived, they found a younger child in the room, an elderly disabled man and an elderly woman with Alzheimer’s, who were relatives of the victim.


Officers found the victim, a 31-year-old woman, on the second floor of the home. She told the officers that the man was armed and had locked himself in a room.

After 15 minutes, and seven warnings from the officers, the man decided to leave the room unarmed.

He was taken into custody and the victim was transferred to a hospital to undergo a medical examination.



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