San Javier hires extra security

SAN JAVIER: Extra security employed.

ELEVEN extra security guards have been hired at San Javier Airport.

In compliance with the new European regulations and the need to further strengthen all aspects of flight safety since the recent Germanwings plane crash, the airport operator Aena has recruited extra staff. There are now 33 security and vigilance workers within the airport of San Javier.

The move comes in addition to the new European directives that mean hand luggage is likely to be further inspected with one in four passengers being invited to open their hand luggage on special tables with raised panels so there is no sight of others, or in separate rooms.


Laptops, mobile computers, tablets, irons, dryers, cameras and even toys with batteries are all subject to additional searches due to terrorists developing new and inventive ways of hiding explosive devices in hand luggage.

Aena is to spend an estimated €17 million implementing this reinforcement in security measures throughout Spanish airports.


  1. This doesn’t make any sense. Because one “crazy” pilot on flight, that doesn’t even originate anywhere near! and company,which doesn’t even operate on local airport? Hiring extra stuff and implementing extraordinary security searches, which are described above in this article makes the official story of German wings airplane crash obvious lie. Government did not release black box tapes and in combination with the new security measures one cannot but arrive at conclusion, that German wings crash was a terrorist act. There is hardly any other logical connection here.Do not even try more lies!


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