New bilingual nursery opens its doors in Cala del Moral


THE first bilingual public nursery school in Rincon de la Victoria was officially opened on Tuesday (March 31).

Mayor Francisco Salado, together with Education councillor, Lydia Montes, presided over the inauguration event at the school, which will offer 82 places for children, from babies to three-year-olds.

The facilities have been built on a single floor, 500 square metres in area, and had a total cost of €1.2 million, paid for by the Junta de Andalucia regional government and the town council.


The building has two entrance doors – one on Calle Arroyo Totalan and another on Calle Jabegas.

“This service was one of the most requested ones and represents a new step towards educational excellence, as it will allow children to learn English from a very young age,” said the mayor.


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