Looking for a property? No question or query left unanswered


AFTER so many years of producing the Coast’s ‘property bible,’ HOT Properties Magazine, VIVA knows that it’s read from cover to cover in the pursuit of knowledge about property on the Costa del Sol. With the next edition out very soon, prospective buyers can get an insightful and informative look at a huge selection of apartments, penthouses, townhouses and villas for sale all along the Coast and inland, too. Flicking through the pages of HOT Properties Magazine is often the first step for many in finding that dream home in the sun.

So you’ve spotted a fabulous property within the pages of the magazine and want to investigate further. You have questions. Just what do I need to know about buying a property on the Costa del Sol? Where should I buy? How do I go about getting a mortgage? Are there schools nearby? How far away is the beach? VIVA has all the answers.

VIVA knows from experience that there is a mountain of questions to answer, a profusion of issues to address and a veritable smorgasbord of topics to cover when helping clients locate a property that suits their needs. VIVA knows that the task can be akin to eating an elephant, so they approach it the easy way and simply eat it one bite at a time! That’s why www.yourviva.com is filled with information boxes of different sizes and different subjects covering all those issues. VIVA’s knowledge of the Coast’s property market is vast, and they present that knowledge in a way that is clear, helpful, proactive and relevant.


The experts at VIVA are there to help on the smallest and most obscure issues right through to the biggest topics. It’s already worked for thousands of clients to date, so you know they must be doing something right! Make sure to pick up the next free issue of VIVA’s HOT Properties Magazine and you could soon find yourself a step closer to buying that dream home in southern Spain.


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