Barcelona Hospital announces successful pioneering face transplant

File photo.

BARCELONA’S Valle d’Hebron Hospital has announced the successful completion of a pioneering type of face transplant, previously considered to be inoperable.

In an operation lasting 27 hours, they reconstructed two thirds of the patient’s lower face, neck, mouth tongue and pharynx.

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The patient, who wasn’t identified, had a disease known as arteriovenous malformation, which led to a progressive deformation of tissues that affected his vision, ability to speak and was a potential a risk to life in the long term.

The operation, which was exceptionally complex, was performed in early February and involved a team of 45 nurses, physicians and professionals from departments including Plastic Surgery, Intensive Care, Liver Transplants and Anaesthesia. The patient is now at home, living a normal life and only comes into the hospital for regular check-ups.

This is the second successful face transplant that has been carried out at the Barcelona Hospital, the first being completed in 2010.


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