Swans school ambassadors set a great example


FIVE members of the Marbella school Swans’ Model United Nations (MUN) group attended their first ever international conference recently.

Cesar Gonzalez, Edvards Celmins, Miranda Tessore, Sara Lindblom and Sara Benkirane joined more than 600 students from around the world at the biggest conference of its kind in the UK, the Haileybury MUN15.

The occasion gave the students the opportunity to meet other MUN members from Greece, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the USA along with representatives from top UK schools.

Each delegation presented the views of an individual country as diplomats would in the real United Nations, with the aim of creating resolutions and agreeing future action. 

The students were separated into different committees where they debated many topics including issues as diverse as clean water treaties or the use of drone warfare.

The conference provided a truly enriching experience that allowed the International Baccalaureate students to further develop important skills, including being investigators and working effectively as part of a team, and helping them to think internationally.

Swans stressed how proud everyone was of the group’s achievements as ambassadors for the school, and announced that plans were already underway for the next trip to Barcelona in November.


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