Thousands sign to support jobless Malaga father

Daniel Capilla on Wikipedia

A PETITION for an unemployed 50-year-old who was fined €3,302 for selling bread at markets has gathered almost 6,000 signatures.

The aim of the petition, on the online platform, is to enable him to exchange the fine for community work, which Malaga City Council refused to accept.

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“I’m not refusing to pay, but I can’t. I have no income,” the man explained, saying that he decided to seek public support as he feared he would lose his home, which he has worked for all his life.

After knocking on many doors, including the church and social services, and failing to find anyone willing or able to help, he was offered the chance to pay the fines in instalments, yet the monthly payments still amount to more than the family can pay.

Meanwhile the council declared that every effort was being made to find a solution to the man’s problem, but that fines for his offence cannot be paid with community work.


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