Suspected thief arrested in Inca


A 33-YEAR-OLD has been arrested as the main suspect of a theft with violence in a bar of Inca.

The incident occurred when the suspect took the chance to enter a bar in the town as the owner was counting the till money. Once inside, the suspect grabbed the victim by her neck while he held a knife behind her back, urging her to give him the money.

The woman refused at first but due to the great violence carried out by the man, who also threatened her with death, she finally consented and handed over the money.

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Once the man was given the €1,300 from the till, he locked her up inside a small warehouse, where she stayed until a relative found her.

The man already had a large criminal record for similar accidents.

In a home search, the authorities confiscated several mobile phones and other items.

The man has been released with a restraining order.


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