Axarquia sewage plants to undergo renovations


WATER treatment plants in several towns in Axarquia will undergo a comprehensive series of improvements, paid for by the Commonwealth of Axarquia-Costa del Sol municipalities.

Sewage plants of Velez-Malaga, Rincon de la Victoria, Torrox, Algarrobo and Benamocarra will benefit from the renovation project, which will be divided into two phases.

Facilities in Algarrobo and Rincon de la Victoria are already undergoing renovation and extension works.


The first phase has a budget of €200,000, although it is expected that the total cost of the project will reach more than €1 million.

Experts from the company in charge of the project, Axaragua, explained that during the summer season, a quantity equivalent to 11 Olympic pools of water was cleaned and returned to the sea by these five plants every day.


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