Traffic authorities prepare for Easter

Flickr by Contando Estelas

TRAFFIC authorities are expecting approximately 13.5 million trips over the Easter holiday period, filling Spanish roads with thousands of cars.

THE DGT (General Traffic Authority) has planned a two phase operation in an aim to keep travellers as safe as possible by paying particular attention to drink and drug consumption and speeding. A total of 1,800 Guardia Civil officers and 12 helicopters will be on duty over the holiday period.

The operation begins today, March 27, at 3pm and will continue until midnight on Monday April 6.

The most problematic areas are expected to be the exits from large cities and roads heading towards tourist areas on the coasts and in the mountains. Routes towards areas where popular religious celebrations are held are also expected to be busy.

The DGT expects 3.4 million trips in the first part of the operation, which begins today at 3pm and lasts until midnight on Sunday, March 29, with most cars expected to be heading from the centre of the country towards Andalucia and the coastal areas.

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