Have your say: did co-pilot deliberately crash plane?

Cordon Press.
Andreas Lubitz runs the Airportrace half marathon in Hamburg in September 13, 2009 file photo.

IN the search to find answers amongst the wreckage of ill-fated A320 Airbus in the French Alps this week, another clue leaning towards the fact that co-pilot Andreas Lubitz crashed the aircraft deliberately has been found at his house: A sick note saying he was ‘unable to work.’

Lubitz has been accused of deliberately flying the aircraft into a mountainside shortly after preventing the captain from re-entering the cockpit, and the evidence seems to be mounting up against him to that conclusion. However, while the world and his dog speculates as to what really happened, and until all the facts have been examined, should people not be giving a: professional, intelligent, highly trained and monitored young pilot the benefit of the doubt?

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  1. All the evidence so far seems to indicate that it was a deliberate act by the co-pilot. However, all the evidence is not in and no-one should jump to conclusion.


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