Emergency Police Contact App without Speaking


A new app for your iPhone or android that allows you to report a crime instantly without having to speak Spanish is now available.

For some, and in some instances, the thought of having to speak to the Guardia Civil when they have been the victim of a crime, is almost as bad as the crime itself. As of this week, that should be a thing of the past with the release of a Mobile app called ‘AlertCops.’

The Ministry of the Interior had supported development of the new app which is already set up in Madrid, Alicante, and Malaga, and have released a video guide to help explain its functionality.


The new app will ask you to download and install from Google Play or Apple, then to register and confirm by return SMS. Once this is done and you are accepted, you will be free to report any crime directly to the authorities without speaking Spanish. The app speaks both! In addition, with the GPS function linked your location is known as well.



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