Update: Germanwings black box audiotape read

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A sealed container holds the black box voice recorder from the German Airbus operated by Lufthansa's Germanwings budget Airbus A320 crash.

FRENCH authorities have confirmed that they have managed to read audio recordings from the Germanwings black box voice recorder.

The black box was severely damaged in yesterday’s crash that cost the lives of 150 people. Authorities are still looking for a second black box – the flight data recorder.

From information obtained from the voice recorder and from air traffic control it appears that the plane was flying normally until right before its rapid descent. The last communication received from the plane was a normal one, confirming the plane was to continue on its planned flight path.


Shortly after this the plane was observed to be descending rapidly off its planned route. Air traffic controllers attempted to contact the plane, but without any response.

From information so far obtained it appears that the plane was in controlled flight until its impact after eight minutes of rapid descent. This seems to rule out an aerial explosion or similar event. The reason for the final descent is still unknown and the investigation still ongoing.     


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