Spain amongst highest rated countries in the EU for road safety

Martin Sharman on Flickr

SPAIN’S roads are amongst the safest in the EU, reveals a report from the European Commission

The report, part of a long-term push to improve driving and road safety across the EU, places Spain as one of Europe’s safest areas overall with 36 road deaths per one million people recorded in the year between 2013-14. This figure contrasts boldly with the European average of accidents, which sits at around 51 fatal accidents per million.

Malta, with 26 deaths per million, was the overall safest country in which to take to the roads, with the Netherlands, Sweden and the UK close behind.

Statistically the most dangerous countries to drive in were Bulgaria, Lithuania, Romania and Latvia. Latvia registered 106 fatalities per million over the last year.

Although Spain’s figures didn’t improve from the last year, since 2010 Spain has improved its road safety dramatically, reducing fatal accidents by 32 per cent in total. Spain also fared well for cyclists, with only Greece recording better results within the EU.


  1. WHAT? You wouldn’t say that if you are driving in Marbella or Malaga! This part of Spain has some of the worst drivers in Europe. If they all had to take a driving test 95% of them would fail!

  2. This has to be a joke. The spanish are the worst drivers I have encountered, and I,ve driven in over40 countries. They have no lane discipline, never use their indicators,constantly tailgating,and speed limits mean nothing to them. Add to this that drunk driving is a way of life here, and you can see how i am amazed at this report.

  3. This report is only looking at road deaths not road accidents or injury. I’m pretty sure that Spain wouldn’t score so well if the total picture was revealed. I’ve never seen driving like it !!


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