Palma de Mallorca: best place to live in the world


THE capital of Mallorca has been chosen by English newspaper The Sunday Times as the best place to live in the world.

Palma de Mallorca has beaten 50 other candidates – amongst which were cities such as Toronto, Berlin and Auckland – thanks to its allure, beaches and great climate, as well as its warm welcome for foreigners, according to the paper.

Palma de Mallorca was described as “charming” and “sophisticated” and praised for the contrast between “Caribbean-like beaches” such as the Es Trench, and the mountain landscapes of Deia.

“It’s also a short drive (10 minutes) from the airport, with plenty of cheap flights taking you back to the UK in about two hours. This is making it an increasingly popular ‘commuter’ destination,” said the article.

Mayor of Palma, Mateo Isern, emphasised the importance of the title, saying: “It is wonderful news for us to be chosen as the best city to live in the world. We must continue to promote our city as an ideal urban tourism destination.

“Palma is an open-minded, dynamic and cosmopolitan city that offers much more than beach and sun. These international titles encourage us to keep working and promoting our city amongst foreigners, but also amongst locals.”


  1. Pretty spot on.
    I live in Melbourne , Australia and the quality of life here has gone down the gurgler.
    I find it hilarious that in some listings Australian cities rank highly thrse days.
    Everything is mega expensive and the inftasructure both roads and public transport seems third world especially if youve just come from a holiday from Europe , Japan etc..
    They dont even have a rail link to the city from Melbourne airport.
    Been to Spain many times.
    Fantastic infrastrucure,food,mueums,shopping and incredible lifestyle especially its nightlife which is the best in the world.
    I would love to be able to live in Palma or lively Madrid or Barcelona , Valencia etc…


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