Minister heaps praise on Almeria’s lawyers

VISIT: Rafael Catala with Lourdes Molina, president of Almeria’s provincial high court.

THE public should thank lawyers for the central government’s decision to backtrack on legal fees.

Justice minister Rafael Catala admitted this while addressing members of Almeria’s College of Lawyers, which has 2,833 members of whom 1,582 currently practise.

Catala highlighted lawyers’ readiness for dialogue and the active participation of the Consejo General de la Abogacia (equivalent to the Bar Association) during structural reforms to Spain’s Justice system.


The Consejo represents Spain’s 83 professional associations and its perceptions and proposals helped to abolish the charges for launching many civil lawsuits.

The government was keen to dissipate all doubts that an effective Justice system was not accessible to all members of the public, Catala said.

The unpopular fees were launched by Catala’s predecessor, together with plans to redraw the boundaries of Spain’s legal districts. Derogating both measures, allied to massive use of technology, were at the centre of an “effective and solid” justice system that is available to all, the minister said.



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