Residents are leaving Alicante to try their luck abroad


A THOUSAND Alicantinos left the province in the past year to live abroad.

Despite the winds of economic recovery, the number of people who decide to leave the province to try their luck abroad is increasing.

Last year 3,225 people packed their bags to go to another country, according to data released by the National Statistics Institute. Of these just over 1,000 were Spanish nationals, the rest foreigners living in the country who decided to return to their country of origin or go to another to find work. 


Europe is the preferred destination to live of those leaving Alicante, followed by America.


  1. Like to know how easy is it to get work in Spain? And is it better to find work frist or a rental or hotel to start with. and does it help to speak the language… Would it been good for people who have local council places to do exchange,say if young couple want to work in England and other persons wants to live or work retire , open a Business how would one begin ton do this. Could it be to exchange between councils of europe. ??? E.G LONDON TO AREAS OF SPAIN visa versa.Do through the local council websites.


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