Malaga aims for phone lines for modern times


TELEFONICA phone company intends to spend more than €475 million in Malaga Province over the next five years.

Fibre optic, high-speed broadband connections and 4G are at the top of the list of services the company aims to concentrate on with an aim of bringing telecommunications to a similar level to that seen in other parts of Europe.


  1. That’s the problem! By the time they bring it up to pace in 5 years… we will be even further behind than we are now. because everyone else will have grown the equivalent to 10 years.
    When will Spain learn to look “to the future” not just try to catch up?

  2. About damn time! Spain is way behind the rest of Europe. Even in Romania they have 100 mbs and that is not a rich country. Telefonica has spent a lot of money putting in fibre-optics in South American countries like Guatamala, but are not prepared to do anything in their own country Spain. It’s shameful.


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