Marbella Tourism Council gets green light

Flickr by Canduela

MARBELLA TOWN HALL has given the go ahead for the formation of a Special Tourism Council for the city.

The government team spokesman, Felix Romero said, “The aim of the new body will be to plan strategies for the sector, and the active promotion of tourism in Marbella.”

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This entity will combine the private sector with the public sector to promote, manage and actively develop tourism in the city. They will also be responsible for creating and planning strategies among various elements of the tourism sector, through a programme of consultation, participation and advice.

This council will be chaired by the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, and will have the president of the Centre for Tourism Initiatives (CIT) Marbella, Juan José González, as vice president. There will also be representatives appointed by the city of Marbella, and five representatives from the private sector who will be appointed by the CIT.

In addition, representatives from local hotels, restaurants, golf courses, health centres, and selected businesses will be creating working groups to develop joint measures for the development of the project.


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