Palma Airport to implement face-recognition technology


RE-ENTERING the European Union through Palma Airport will be easier as of July with the implementation of the ABC system.

The Automated Border Control (ABC) management system allows staff to verify the passenger’s identity document, fingerprint and facial features within seconds.

News was announced in Palma on Tuesday (March 17) by the Safety Secretary of Spain, Francisco Martinez, who explained that the new system would allow EU resident passengers coming from outside the boundaries of the EU to enter without having to wait in long queues to have the Guardia Civil officers confirm their identity.

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The new system only requires the passenger to be over 18 years old and have an electronic passport or identification card from any European Union country, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein or Switzerland.

If these requirements are met, the process takes hardly half a minute and does not involve queuing.

If the passenger’s facial features and fingerprints match the data recorded on their identification, he or she will be free to enter immediately (as long as they are not being looked for by forces of the law).

Twelve cabins equipped with this technology are to be placed at Palma Airport this summer.

“This system is a tool to facilitate border crossing and reinforce safety,” said Mr Martinez.


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