Missing man’s family criticises ‘slack’ police work

File photo.

RELATIVES of Antonio Velasco, a missing Gibraltar worker whose body was found in La Linea on March 8, are complaining that the police didn’t do enough to find him.

The deceased’s family claims that the Algeciras Guardia Civil missing persons team failed to try hard enough to find the man, saying that as he was an adult he could well have just moved without telling anyone.

The family wrote in a statement that it believes this reasoning lead the police force to carry out an insufficient search, leading to drawn-out suffering for his parents and siblings.


The relatives believe proof of this is the fact that although Velasco had been last seen at a La Linea hostel, it was not searched and tourists found his body near the accommodation by coincidence, 109 days after he was reported missing.

“Why didn’t anybody think to search the hostel and its surroundings?” the statement asked.


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