Man with fight dogs rams police

Greytop on Flickr

POLICE called to the Pego marsh were confronted by a man with bloodied hands and two Staffordshire terriers.

A half-dead Schnauzer lay on the ground and two crying women were cowering inside their locked car. His dogs had attacked the Schnauzer, police revealed later.

The man, later identified as a 40-year-old Oliva resident, began to shout incoherently, gesture wildly and kick the patrol car.  When the policemen aimed tasers at him he made as though he were about to give himself up but fled after setting the dogs on them.


The officers took refuge in their car but in the meantime the attacker returned in his own vehicle and rammed them before driving off.  He took one of the marsh’s footpaths, almost running down several pedestrians in his flight and disappeared from sight.

He gave himself up the next day to the Guardia Civil in Oliva, although the man, who has mental health problems, gave contradictory versions of the episode, sources said.


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