Benidorm fiesta goes up in smoke despite weather


It was touch and go whether the burning, or ‘La Crema,’ would take place in Benidorm last night. Strong winds started to play havoc with some of the fallas during the day and the fire brigade only gave the thumbs up at the very last minute.

The early evening float parade took place beforehand – but was shortened due to the conditions. Despite the weather hundreds still turned out to watch the event – but numbers were certainly down on previous years.

Many were surprised that that the midnight crema went ahead due to safety, with the threat of the gusts potentially blowing burning debris into the crowds.

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The mayor of Benidorm, Agustin Navaro, escorted the fiesta queens to light the first of the three in the Rincon – who all came well wrapped up. Fire crews stood on standby, ready to douse down the flames and fortunately it all went to plan, with no reported incidents.

That’s it for another year – same time, same place next year!


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