Growing trend for minimally invasive hair transplants on the Costa del Sol


Once it was enough to return from a holiday with nothing more exotic than a suntan; today the latest hot trend seems to be to come back with a new head of hair.

The attraction of undergoing cosmetic surgery overseas is simple as it offers a certain amount of anonymity. However, a more recent development is the increase in hair transplants carried out abroad, whether this is due to celebrity culture – Wayne Rooney and Shane Warne gladly admit they have had hair transplants – or a simple case of economics, transplant surgery in countries like Spain is cheaper.

So how do you choose a hair transplant clinic overseas? The price should never be the motivating factor, you need to find a surgeon with the right credentials, proficient in the latest techniques of minimally invasive, pain-free treatment with minimal scarring, short recovery times and of course no hidden costs.

Our advice would be to err on the side of caution; don’t be seduced by cheap prices and glossy brochures in the US or Asia (including Turkey), instead look closer to home. Spain is considered to have the seventh most advanced health system in the world and being in Europe, surgeons are bound by EU medical regulations and standards.

The Panno Clinic in Marbella fulfils all of the above criteria. It was founded by Dr Ezequiel Panno, one of the Spain’s most sought after hair transplant specialists, recognised for develo-ping a pioneering invisible suture technique, known as the Panno Technique. And with over 10 years’ experience of performing FUE, FUT, body hair FUE, scar revisions, 5,000 surgeries under his belt and a licence to practise in the UK, you couldn’t be in safer hands.

The demand for ‘medical tourism’ on the Costa del Sol is hardly surprising; it ticks all boxes with regards to quality, care and cost. And Panno Clinic’s multilingual team can help with accommodation and flights, to ensure a relaxed, stress-free experience.
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