A kilometre of vertical challenge

PUIG CAMPANA: A long way up – but what a view!

SPAIN’S best mountain runners will get the measure of Puig Campana on April 19.

They will be competing in the seventh edition of the Kilometro Vertical, one of the hardest competitions in this category in Spain. Over a distance of a little more than three kilometres, the runners must climb to an altitude of more than 1,020 metres.

“It is a source of pride that Finestrat should be a benchmark for mountain races,” said the town’s councillor for Sport, Tomas Selles. “This confirms that the local government made the right choice when it chose to hold a race that has since become so important.”


Last year’s race was won by the Spanish runner Iñigo Lariz who finished the course in 39 minutes and 26 seconds.  The women’s category was won by Vanesa Ortega, also Spanish, who took 44 minutes and 52 seconds.

Those interested in meeting the challenge themselves can register at www.mychip.es although it is necessary to belong to the Federacion Española de Montaña.


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