Ryanair leave transplant boy at airport


A YOUNG boy needing an urgent double transplant was left stranded at Gran Canaria Airport last week by Ryanair because they could not issue a physical ticket in time.

The call that the boy and his parents had been desperately waiting for came from La Paz Hospital Transplant Service, Madrid, at 2pm, informing them that a suitable donor had been found for his liver and kidney transplant.

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With the child urgently needing to travel from the island to the hospital, the next flight to Madrid was the Ryanair 16.50, nearly three hours later.

But when they tried to buy a ticket at the Ryanair counter, the family were told that only international tickets could be purchased there, all others must be done online. They made a direct call to the Dublin office of Ryanair to explain their predicament, but unfortunately no confirmation was received before the booking desk’s one hour 50 minute deadline.

Fortunately, reports from aviaciondigitalglobal.com say the family was able to travel with Air Europa on a flight that left just over an hour later, and thankfully in time to get the child to La Paz hospital.

A statement from Ryanair at the time said: “We could not issue the tickets so close to departure time.” We have asked Ryanair if they have any comments or plans to make changes to their policies, but have yet to receive a reply.


  1. Well Mr O’Leary,
    Ryanair has reached an all time low, not helping this young man, who was struggling for life. How on earth can your company NOT reply to the request for this young man to travel to Madrid to have a new kidney and liver transplant. Time is of an essence on these occassions, and you and your company failed miserably to bother to help this young man, and there can be no excuses for this. One hour and 50 minutes, and you couldn’t or wouldn’t let this young man have a seat on your aircraft
    I did not think Ryanair could get any lower in my estimation, but they have with this. If, for an internal flight, a customer can only book online, what happens to the millions of old people who have never even seen a computer, never mind ordered air tickets through the Ryanair website.
    Your charm offensive in Ryanair has come to a shuddering halt, once readers see this, and rightly so.
    Well done to Air Europa, and shame on Ryanair


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