Back in the top 10


THE Spanish car industry is smiling once again as it finds itself back in the top 10 list of world car manufacturers.

According to the latest figures from OICA (the International Automobile Construction Organisation) Spain has now risen to 9th place in front of Canada, Russia, and Thailand.

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The bonus news is that they have achieved this ahead of their 2013 prediction. They now believe they are on target to bring the annual production figures back up to the pre-crisis three million units by 2017.

A certain amount of rise in sales could be attributed to the PIVE scheme; where cars of seven years of age or more can be traded in as scrap against a new car and a large discount given. This has obviously led to a huge boost in national trade in the last three years. But even so, judging by the last 12 months’ 11per cent increase, three million per year may be sooner than they think!


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