Mummified corpse photo case closed


THE judge investigating a case of a cemetery worker holding up a mummified corpse and posing for a photo with it in Guardamar has said there was “no bad faith” in the act.

It was last summer when the image spread across national and international media and social networks, showing an exhumed male body – dead for 23 years and which was being prepared for a new burial site – and the municipal worker with two relatives of the deceased holding the body.

The niece of the man who took the photo later went on to apologise on behalf of the whole family and said she “did not want to offend anyone” acknowledging that the case “had got out of hand.”


The court of Torrevieja took over the investigation of the picture and found “no bad faith” in the act. The City of Guardamar del Segura, has also shelved the matter even though the cemetery worker was moved to another area of work, saying he had only acted at the request of relatives.


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