From car park to cathedral for King Richard 3rd’s remains


THIS week will see the interment of one of England’s most notorious kings after his remains were discovered under a car park in Leicester.

At a cost of £2.5 million, and some 500 years after his death, the mortal remains of King Richard 3rd will be reinterred at Leicester Cathedral.

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The infamous King Richard was crowned after the strange disappearance of his nephews, known as the Princes in the Tower, and was the last king of the House of York as well as the last of the Plantagenet dynasty. He was killed in August 1485 during the War of the Roses by the forces of Henry Tudor at the battle on Bosworth Field.

The cathedral will receive the monarch’s remains on March 22, where he will lie in repose for three days. He will then be reburied during a ceremony on March 26.


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