Too many stars in their eyes

OFF-SEASON: Hotels could close next winter

IN the off-peak season British tourists and Spanish pensioners keep Costa Blanca hotels ticking over.

With a favourable exchange rate, Britons are as much in evidence as ever, as are elderly Spanish tourists on government-subsidised Imserso holidays.

Nevertheless Costa Blanca hoteliers are worried that the Imserso’s 2015-2016 programme will favour four-star hotels and discriminate against those with two or three. 


Booking and reserving the holidays is put out to tender and Spain’s Confederation of Hotels and Tourist Accommodation, Cehat, claims that the biggest allocations will go to travel agencies that can offer the largest blocks of four-star accommodation.

Despite complaints from Cehat, Imserso insisted that the new terms will not be modified. 

The Costa Blanca hoteliers’ association Hosbec, which belongs to Cehat, lamented that the government was more concerned with benefiting users than the industry.

More two- and three-star hotels could be forced to close next winter, bringing inevitable redundancies and loss of employment, Hosbec warned.


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